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Composition: Seven elected members, plus Mayor, Deputy Mayor (ex-officio, voting)
Chairmanship: Chair and Vice Chair to be elected from the members of the committee at the first meeting in each council year
Non members: Any member of the Council is able to attend and may participate at the discretion of the Chairman, but may be asked to leave if the press and public are excluded.
Quorum: Five members
Timing: Every three weeks – to accord with the schedule of time afforded to a local Council to respond to issues raised by Cornwall Council
Reports to: Full Council

Terms of Reference & Matters Delegated to the Committee:
1. To consider such matters as may be delegated by the Council from time to time
2. Full delegated authority to make responses on behalf of Launceston Town Council to all applications for development in and outside the Launceston Town Council area (including Listed Building, Conservation Area consents, consent for advertisement displays etc) received from Cornwall Council.
3. To consider any request for pre application discussions with any developer and make a response on behalf of the council
4 To review council planning policy and procedure make recommendations to foull council to ensure that the council is able to meet any additional requirements of the planning process.
5. To respond to consultation documents regarding tree preservation and other matters regarding general land development
6. To consider all appeals against planning refusal by Cornwall Council within Launceston Town Council area and with an ability to submit comments to the Planning Inspectorate
7. To consider any proposals for new and reviews of the Core Strategy and any other consultation documents of a planning nature and to make recommendations to the Council
8. During Planning Committee meetings members of the public may speak at the discretion of the Chairman and with the approval of members of the Planning Committee
9. The consideration of recommendations of sub-committees, working groups etc under the control of the Planning Committee
10. Consultation with other relevant bodies with similar interests, including other Town Councils, their committees and sub-committees, and consideration of their recommendations
11. To consider and submit to the Finance and General Purposes Committee annual estimates of income and expenditure on continuing services and capital expenditure for the forthcoming year
12. Authorisation of expenditure within the committee’s budget, provided that the payment is made from a budget that is within the limits previously approved by the Council. The committee cannot commit or spend from future budgets not confirmed or from future years. The virement of funds from within the Planning & Economic Development Committee’s total budget is permissible.

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